Stainless Steel

thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam is a company with 100% foreign-owned capital from thyssenkrupp AG, Germany. We are specialized in distributing high quality materials including stainless steel (inox steel), aluminum, copper and other special steel products. Our strategic partners are global leading stainless steel producers such as AST, Outokumpu, Aperam, Yusco, Posco, Tisco...
Stainless steel (also known as inox steel) is a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by mass. This amount of chromium is sufficient to undergo passivation and form a layer of chromium oxide on the surface which will prevent corrosion by blocking oxygen diffusion to the steel surface.
There are different types of stainless steel: Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic and Duplex. Due to its bright, glossy, highly corrosion-resistant surface, Stainless steel is widely applicable in different areas without any surface processing like other materials from interior-exterior decorations (furniture, water tanks...) to kitchen tools such as: saucepans, pots, knives, spoons, and forks… Besides, stainless steel is also used in applications that require better sustainability such as those in the consumer goods sector, food industry: seafood processing, manufacturing of paper, chemical products, and turbines and even in shipbuilding, oil rigs and refineries constructions…
thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam provides multiple selections for Stainless steel for customers’ diverse demand:

Common types of stainless steel (widely used consumer goods sector, interior design, construction, materials, toys...):

(Standard ASTM/JIS)

Thickness (mm)

                  Surface                      (Hot rolled/Cold rolled)


MTC (*)

304Plate/Coil0.2 – 50.0No1/ 2B/ BA/ No.4/ HLhousehold appliances, furniture, medical equipment; mechanical engineering; food processing; shipbuilding
430 / 430DDQPlate/Coil0.2 – 6.0No1/ 2B/BA/No.4/ HL/ No.8                             household appliances and kitchen tools; interior decoration...
409(L)Plate/Coil0.3 – 6.0 No1/ 2B/ BAUsed in automobile and motorcycles industries (exhaust system, heat exchangers)
410Plate/Coil0.2 – 6.0No1/ 2BAutomation and mining equipment, machinery components
420Plate/Coil0.2 – 6.0No1/ 2BKnives, scissors…
441/443Plate/Coil0.2 – 6.0No1/ 2Bhousehold appliances, kitchen tools, interior and exterior decorations
201/202Plate/Coil0.2 – 6.0No1/2B Household appliances; mechanical engineering…

* MTC: The certificate of Manufacturer

Special types of stainless steel (used in multiple industries including chemical, cement, mining, shipbuilding, petroleum and other applications that highly require  sustainability, hardness, high temperature, wear-resistant...):




Thickness (mm)


(Hot rolled/Cold rolled)



304LPlate/Coil0.3 –  3.0BA/HL/No4/No8 / họa tiết hoa văn / phủ màuManufacturing of elevators; interior decorations; shipbuilding
304LTear Plate3.0 – 6.0No1                             decking in factories…
316/316LTear Plate1.0 – 30.0 No1/ 2E/ 2BUsed in seafood processing, shipbuilding, chemical and  food industries
301/301HPlate/Coil0.1 – 2.02Bmachine elements, springs in conveyor systems
SUS310SPlate/Coil3.0 – 30.0No.1/2E/2Bexhaust pipes, heat treatment furnaces, heat exchangers, burners; cement production
DuplexPlate3.0 – 20.0No.1/2E/2Bpressure tanks, chemical tanks, pharmaceutical and petroleum equipment; constructions

Stainless steel bar is getting more popular across different industries. This product range has outstanding features comparing to other steel bars such as stainlessness, high strength and hardness, tolerance to high temperature, being uninfluenced by environmental and time factors, and the exclusion of surface processing.

Therefore, stainless steel bars are usually used in applications where sustainability, hardness and the resistant abilities in harsh environments are highly required. These include the energy industry (hydro power, thermal power…), mechanical engineering (processing, manufacturing, supporting industries…), and other industries such as cement, chemical, mining industry, glass, shipbuilding, petroleum and petrochemical…

thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam supplies a full range of stainless steel bars with ASTM standards. The high quality grades which include SUS430/430F, 420J2, 303, 304/304L, 310S, 316/316L… (origin from Europe, India, and Korea…) are delivered at competitive prices and with certificates of origin (CO), certificates of quality (CQ) and mill test certifications (MTC).

thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam’s stainless steel bars are always available to be shipped in a variety with differences in diameter, length and especially come with processing services. Besides, we also provide stainless steel bar with smaller diameters in coil for the manufacturing of springs, small machine elements… 

Thanks to the relationships with global partners in the material supply area and with thyssenkrupp AG, thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam is confident that we can satisfy our customers even with the most diverse demands and highest requirements.  

Grade (ASTM)


Length (mm)ProcessingApplication MTC(*)
430/430H/430F6.0 – 100.06,000Cold drawnShafts, machine elements (i.e. drive shafts) in chemical industry, latches… -
420J26.0 – 400.06,000Hot rolled/Cold drawnMachine elements, Knives, scissors, pliers, hand tools…-
304/304L6.0 – 120.0 6,000Hot rolled/Cold drawnShafts, balusters, machine elements, bolts, screws… 
316/316L6.0 – 120.06,000Hot rolled/Cold drawnMachine elements, shafts, stir bars, bolts, screws… 
310/310S6.0 – 20.06,000Hot rolled/Cold drawnRefractory Anchors, heat exchangers…
3036.0 – 120.06,000Cold drawnBalusters, latches, shafts, machine elements


Square Bar  304/316

5.0- 40.03,000- 6,000Cold rolled

Bolts, screws, machine elements, latches, shafts in petroleum industry

Hexagon Bar 304/316       6.0 – 90.0                              3,000- 6,000Cold rolledBolts, screws, machine elements, latches, shafts in petroleum industry

Stainless Steel Wire products:

Grade (ASTM)


Length (mm)ProcessingApplicationMTC(*)
3040.1 – 12.0CoilHot rolled/Cold rolledSprings, paperclips…-
304 HQ/Cu/HC/L/H1.5 – 16.0 CoilHot rolled/Cold rolledBolts, screws, nuts, paperclips…-
302, 303, 310S, 3162.0 – 16.0CoilHot rolled/Cold rolledBolts, screws, nuts, machine elements, paperclips…-

Stainless steel tubes (inox tubes) are extensively used in different industries especially in consumer goods sector. Stainless steel tubes possess extraordinary characteristics in comparison to normal tubes including stainlessness, high strength and hardness, tolerance to high temperature, being easy to process (cutting, bending, welding) and most importantly, being safe. Thus, stainless steel tubes, valves and tittings are commonly suited for those applications that require sustainability and the resistant abilities in harsh environments such as drainage systems, gas pipe lines and industrial icemakers … The products are also applicable in the food industry (water pipes and tubes in milk, beer and liquor factories…); in heavy industries such as paper, chemicals, mechanical engineering; in manufacturing heating resistors, industrial boilers and gas systems and even in shipbuilding, oil rigs and refineries constructions…

thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam provide a full range of seamless and welded tubes along with stainless valves and fittings that are standardized (ASTM, Japan’s JIS, Germany’s DIN, EN…). They are available in different grades: 304/304L for standard applications; 316/316L for applications that have special requirements in terms of environmental and chemical factors… and 409/409L, 436/436L, 310S for high-temperature applications. We provide a range of products from small to big diameter and with different thickness… With a network of global suppliers, we can also meet the demands of tubes with special designs and non-standard tubes.

Additionally, our strength is the stainless steel tubes, valves and fittings designed for food and beverages industries which carry strict requirements on the quality and the safety of the products. Our offerings are manufactured in Europe in accordance with DIN standards and delivered at competitive prices and with certificates of origin (CO), certificates of quality (CQ) and mill test certifications (MTC).

Industrial Tubes/Pipes

Molded & Welded tubes ASTM-A312, JIS G3459DN8-DN1200/ SCH5-SCH160Updating
Sanitary Tubes with DIN, SMS, ISO standardsDIN11850, 11852…DN8-DN200/1.5-2 mmUpdating
Heat Exchanger TubesASTM-A269DN6-DN50Updating
Industrial Icemaker pipesASTM-A269-A270DN6-DN50Updating

Industrial Valves

Threaded valve end connections
(bi 1PC, 2PC, 3PC, Y lọc, một chiều, cửa, hơi...)
ASTM-A351 (BSPT)DN8-DN100Updating
Flanged valve end connections
(bi 1PC, 2PC, 3PC, Y lọc, một chiều, cửa, hơi, an toàn...)
Electric and Pneumatic actuators’ valves ASTM-A351/JIS5K-40K/ANSI #150-600DN15-300Updating
Valves for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries (also known as sanitary valves and fittings)
(cút, tê, côn zacco, van bướm, van một chiều, bích...)
ASTM-A270, DIN11850, 11851, 11852DN15-DN150Updating
Knife gate valves, needle valves, air release valves and other special types of valves

JIS5K-40K, ANSI #150-600, DIN2631, 2632


Pipe Fittings

Welded/Molded Fittings (elbows, tees, concentric reducers, unions, crosses…)
(cút, tê, tê thu, côn thu, zacco, thập...)
ASTM-A403, JIS B231DN8-DN600/SCH5-SCH80Updating
Screw/Thread fittings (elbows, tees, concentric reducers, unions, coupling, hexagon nipples, caps …)ASTM-A351(BSPT)DN10-DN100Updating

Flanges in all types: FF/FR, Blind..

JIS5K-40K,ANSI#150-600, DIN2631-2632-2633-2635…DN15-DN600Updating
Sanitary elbows, tees, unions, sockets… DIN11850, 11851, 11852, SMSDN15-DN150Updating
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