Special Steels

thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam is a company with 100% foreign-owned capital from thyssenkrupp AG, Germany. Our Special Steel product line consists of three main products:

a) Wear-resistant Steel:

We are currently one of the leading distributors in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, with several thousand tons of inventories ready to be shipped. 100% of our wear-resistant steel products are manufactured in Germany. Besides distributing steel, we also provide customers technical consultant so that they will use the most suitable steel for their requirements, protect their equipment, and avoid any technical issues.

b) High-Strength Steel:

With the development of technology, our scientists always try their best to create steel grades that can survive the increasing Yield Strength in order to reduce weight, save energy and the time of processing and transporting, and especially to protect the environment.

Being the global leader in steel production, thyssenkrupp AG has researched and developed a high-strength steel grade with 1,300mpa, the world strongest steel.

c) Tools Steel:

thyssenKrupp Materials Vietnam supplies tools steel for: mold manufacturing (plastic, cold working, hot working...) and steel fabrication(knife, rolling details..).

With the development of technology, wear-resistant steels are widely used in different applications (Construction, cement production, mining industry, thermal power station…) replacing traditional steel, providing efficiency and cost-saving. When the costs of processing and installation significantly affect the prices of the products, wear-resistant steels are used even more frequently to reduce the number of worn material during usage (usually 5-10 times higher than Carbon steel), and sustain the equipment.

thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam provides 2 types of Wear-resistant Steel:

XAR® wear-resistant steel:

Chemical compositionMechanical propertiesSize (mm)
GradeCSiMnPSCrMoBYield strength (Mpa)Tensile Strength (Mpa)Hardness (HBW)ThicknessWidthLengthMTC (*)







XAR® wear-resistant steel products are manufactured exclusively at the factory in Germany by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe, using the Roller Quench technology and Accelerated Cooling Device to ensure the consistency in hardness and wear resistance properties all over the steel plate.

100% of the XAR® steel products supplied by tkMV are always delivered with Certificates of Origin/ Mill Test Certificates to ensure that customers are not receiving the substandard counterfeits. In order to identify and confirm the quality of the products, every steel plate is given a Heat and Plate number engraved with laser on the top of the plate, and they must be the same with the numbers on the Certificate of Origin or the Mill Test Certificate- customers need to check these numbers to verify the authenticity of the products to ensure quality and standard. 

Two-component wear-resistant steel (VAUTID):

Chemical compositionSize (mm)
GradeCSiCrNbHardness (HRC)ThicknessWidthLengthMTC (*)
VAUTID 100~4.5  ~28.0  60 HRC3-20 (Hardfacing)15003000

VAUTID 143 ~5.8  ~24.0  ~6.0 62 HRC3-20 (Hardfacing)15003000
VAUTID 147~5.5  ~0.8 ~40.0  67 HRC3-10 (Hardfacing)15003000

VAUTID steel is the result of one of the most advanced manufacturing technologies in the world – Metal Arc Process, making the amount of Carbide Chromium consistent all over the wear-resistant surface of the sheet and creating a consistent hardness and a 2-3 times longer product life which traditional technology (Tubular Flux Wire) cannot replicate.

In Vietnam, most of our customers have changed into using XAR® and VAUTID wear-resistant steel due to the better quality and available inventories.

Our customers have been applying High-Strength Steel into the productions of garbage trucks, container trucks, overhead cranes, propellers, agricultural equipment... High-strength steel grades provide manufacturer huge advantages in terms of the reliability of the brand, unique features and prices by not competing with traditional carbon steel products.

The following information will help customers to better understand about this product line:

A. Physical Properties:

Physical Properties          Yield  (MPa)          Tensile (MPa)   Elongation (%)Impact
PERFORM 500 500550-7001440
PERFORM 700 700750-9501240
N-A-XTRA 700700770-9401440
XABO 890890940-11001240

PERFORM® products have higher yield strengths and tensile strengths than other carbon steel (2-3 times).

Thus, using PERFORM® will help:

  • Reducing the load of traditional carbon steel trucks by 40% - 50% by reducing thickness by 40% - 50% with better structure and longer product life. With load reduced, less energy will be consumed (for both load and no load). The trucks hence will be more efficient and more sustainable.
  • The amount of materials and production time reduce by 60 – 70% (when the thickness of the steel sheet reduce by 1/3 - 1/2)
  • protecting the environment by limiting scraps
  • Reducing the employment cost of lifting and transporting due to lighter weight.

Impact resistance

PERFORM®’s impact resistance is up 40 Joule at 200oC temperature. Therefore, it has the capability to withstand a suddenly applied load in different temperature during a long period of time, limiting the possibility of the truck body being broken.

High fatigue strength

  • Excellent ability to bear dynamic loads (created in the truck’s cycle load/no load transporting) due to PERFORM®’s outstanding fatigue.

Outstanding bendability (no crack during 3 bending times) with bend radius equals 1.6t (t is the length of the steel sheet).

B.Chemical Composition:

Comparison chemical composition of PERFORM® Steel with other steel grades (%)
GradeChemical Composition
PERFORM 500≤ 0.10≤ 0.50≤ 1.70≤ 0.025≤ 0.010-≤ 0.08≤  0.015---
PERFORM 700≤ 0.10≤ 0.60≤ 2.10≤ 0.025≤ 0.010-≤ 0.08-≤ 0.20≤ 0.50-≤ 0.005
N-A-XTRA M700≤ 0.20≤ 0.80≤ 1.60≤ 0.020≤ 0.010≤ 1.50---≤ 0.60--
XABO 890≤ 0.18≤ 0.50≤ 1.60≤ 0.020≤ 0.010≤ 0.08-≤  0.1-≤ 0.70≤ 2.0-
  • Low Carbon amount in high-strength PERFORM® steel leads to good weldability. PERFORM® steels can be welded together or with other carbon steels with conventional welding rod.
  • Increasing Manganese provides PERFORM® better wear-resistance.
  • Phosphorus and Sulfur ratios of PERFORM® grades are 2 – 3 times lower than others. This makes PERFORM® “clean” (the higher the amount of Phosphorus and Sulfur in steel, the easier it fractures). Besides, PERFORM® steel products are produced with advanced technology, making them cleaner.
  • Especially, PERFORM® steels are added Micro Alloy such as Niobium, Titanium, and Boron making the products fine-grained, resilient and rust-limited. 
  • PERFORM® steel is manufactured in accordance with German standard DIN with stability and consistent flatness, convenient for processing.
  • PERFORM® steel is manufactured only in Germany by thyssenkrupp Steel Europe; stocked and distributed in Vietnam by thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam with guaranteed availability.

In addition to distributing steel with specific requirements, thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam are always willing to assist and advise customers with heat treatment processes for every grade to ensure the longevity of the products.

The European originated tools steel that thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam distribute meet the requirements of excellent hardness, good polishability, easy to process, increasing the surface gloss, and increasing the accuracy of the mold.

GradeStandardSize (mm)
C45E1.1191S45C104515 - 48020 - 300≤ 1300≤ 6000
C50E1.1206S50C1050 20 - 380≤ 1300≤ 5000
40 CrMnMo71.2311-P20 20 - 420≤ 1300≤ 5000
X 40 Cr 141.2083SUS 420 J242015 - 30025 - 350≤ 1300≤ 6000
100MnCrW 41.2510SKS 31O115 - 30025 - 280≤ 1300≤ 6000
X 153 CrMoV121.2379SKD 11D215 - 45025 - 200≤ 1300≤ 6000
X40 CrMoV 5-11.2344SKD 61H1320 - 20030 - 250≤ 1300≤ 6000
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