Products and special products for the petroleum industry

In addition to the core products, thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam also supplies products and special materials for petroleum industry, especially for oil drilling constructions.

tkMV has a finished product line of Drilling Tools (except drill bits) which is also known as drilling string. These are applicable for oil drilling constructions and manufactured by thyssenkrupp Materials France (tkMF).

With over 20 years of experiences in oil and gas materials and drilling tools, thyssenkrupp Materials France is confident in meeting strict requirements and safety standards of oil and gas equipment manufacturers and petroleum multinational enterprises. tkMF has been one of the leaders in distributing steel as well as drilling tools made of steel from the top steel factories in the world and processing services providers with API/NS-1 standards.

tkMV’s drilling tools:

Drill Collars, Non-mag Drill Collars
Subs, Crossovers
Drill pipes
Heavy Weight Drill pipes

* More information on Products and Special Materials for Petroleum industry can be found in a tkMV’s customized catalogue for oil and gas   

Besides drilling tools, tkMV is also the supplier of special steels that can be used in producing drilling tools and applicable in many other areas in the industry, such as:

  • Bottom hole assembly tubular products
  • MWD/LMD tools
  • Wellheads and Christmas trees
  • Other oilfield accessories

With over 20 years of experiences in oil and gas materials and drilling tools, thyssenkrupp has strict requirements when it comes to raw materials. They must originate from the top factories in the world with most advanced technologies. Apart from the traditional grades, thyssenkrupp has also developed a new steel grade- 4145H mod

Steel grades currently available in thyssenkrupp’s warehouses:


SMLS Structural Pipes

(EN10204 3.2 (ABS)
CVN Min 45J at -40°C)
OD: 114.3mm – 406.4mm 
T: 6.02mm – 25.4mm
Length: 12.00 Mtr
SingaporeConstructions and pipeline systems

Ống hàn
(SAW Structural Pipes) 

(EN10204 3.2 (ABS)
CVN Min 45J at -40°C)

OD: 406.4m – 610mm
T: 9.53mm – 25.4mm
Length: 12.00 Mtr 

SingaporeConstructions and pipeline systems
Thép 4130API 6A/NACE MR 01.75 4130Thanh tròn OD 1-1/2” ~ 46”
Thanh vuông OD 10” ~ 16
DubaiDrilling tools and mechanical appliances such as: flanges, Christmas trees

Thép 4140API6A/5CT/NACE MR 01.75 4140Thanh tròn OD 4-1/8” ~ 18”DubaiDrilling tools and other mechanical appliances 
Thép 4145

API 7 4145

Thanh tròn OD 2” ~ 15”Dubai

Drilling tools and other mechanical appliances such as: couplings and tools with high requirements

Thép 4145H mod

API 74145H mod.

Thanh tròn, thanh rỗng D 2-78”~11” Dài: 31 ft

DubaiDrilling tools and other mechanical appliances 
Thép không nhiễm từ (Non-magnetic steel) 501; 601

API 7.1-7.2 and NS-1/


Drilling tools with strict requirements, such as: heavy weight drill pipes, MWD and LWD housings, stabilizers…

601 is especially developed for MWD and LWD tools 

* More information on Products and Special Materials for Petroleum industry can be found in a tkMV’s customized catalogue for oil and gas   

Among the most sustainable materials, nickel alloys have high strength, great wear resistance and high heat resistance. They are thus applicable in: safety assurance, fire protection, pipeline systems at the oil rig and drilling equipment.

thyssenkrupp Materials Oil & Gas supplies nickel alloys for high demand sectors. Thanks to the global input control process of the group, our forged, roughly processed and fully tested materials can meet all of our customers’ requirements.

Nickel Alloys which tkMV supplies:

Alloy 718 2.4668
UNS N07718
Round bar, sheet

Alloy 718 has excellent weldability, including crack-resistance after welding. Main applications: pump shaft and other details in oil exploration and refinery industries, especially offshore.

Alloy 625 2.4856
UNS N06625
Round bar, sheetChemical and petrochemical equipment, manufacturing equipment, offshore oil and gas exploration.
Alloys 825

UNS N08825

Round bar, sheetSulfuric and phosphoric acids manufacturing equipment; rust removing equipment, petroleum and petrochemical production and processing equipment

Alloy 600
Alloy 800

Alloy C-276
Alloy 600
Alloy 800
Round bar, sheetApplicable for those that require high temperature and wear resistance such as in chemical and petrochemical environments, boiler, energy industry
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