Training programs at ThyssenKrupp Materials Vietnam

thyssenkrupp Materials Vietnam (tkMV) understands that human resources are vital in sustainably growing and bringing the company to success. Following our objectives of improving and perfecting employees’ knowledge and skills, tkMV created a procedure of training programs to ensure that trainings will meet the requirements and be effective. Besides, developing these programs is tkMV’s approach to attract talents to join us and contribute to profiting and sustainably growing the company.

tkMV develops multiple diverse training programs to assure that all employee has the opportunity to participate and equip themselves with knowledge and skills to complete their responsibilities. The programs come in different types such as by internal experts, external experts or through working and self-learning. tkMV will assist employees financially for these course in different ways.

Post-training supervisions and updates are also an important part. The trainees will apply knowledge gained from the trainings into their job with the observations and assists from the managers.

tkMV’s training programs

  • New Employee Orientation Training

Provides new employees basic knowledges and skills before starting to work

  • Product Knowledge Training

In order to train our salesforce into product experts in their respective areas, tkMV regularly invites technical experts from our suppliers to come in and equip our sales staff knowledge with the products. Via the courses, our sales executives will be more confident in advising the best suited technical solutions, and hence strengthen trusting relationships with customers.

  • Soft Skills Training

tkMV organizes several soft skill trainings for our employees annually where both internal and external experts are invited to come in and share their experiences.

  • Training For Managers And Supervisors

Trainings in staff management and coaching skills

  • Internship Programs

tkMV coordinates with colleges to set up career orientation workshops, offer internships for students and even recruits excellent interns for permanent positions.

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