Recruitment process


Step 1: Application

  • You should be able to find out about tkMV’s vacant positions on job portals such as, or on our own website.
  • Send your CV including personal information, education, working experiences, objectives, interests... to our HR Department by following the instructions on the sites.

Step 2: Receiving and Screening applications

  • Our HR Department will gather all applications and select candidates who meet the requirements of the positions to invite to the interview. The unqualified candidates’ resumes will be saved for future vacancies.
  • Shortlisted candidates will then be contacted by phone and received an interview invitation.

Step 3: Interview

  • Round 1: Candidate will be interviewed by our HR Department
  • Round 2: Candidate will be interviewed by the department of the vacancy
  • Round 3: Candidate will be interviewed by our board of directors (if required)

The rounds are subject to changes, depending on the position. These are some of the criteria that we will look into: information exchanging skills, presentation skills, career orientation, experiences, knowledge, problem solving skills, English, physical appearance, leadership (if necessary). During the interviews, candidates are welcome to ask us any question to clarify their uncertainties. Selected candidates will be notified in 7 days from the interview.

Step 4: Contract Offer

  • Selected candidates will receive a job confirmation letter from our HR Department, which should include the result, salary and other benefits.
  • Candidates will be asked to consider the offer and answer within 5 working days. The next actions will be carried out according to the labor contract and the instructions of the HR Department.

Step 5: Completing your profile and ready for the first working day

  • Before starting working, new employees are requested to complete their profile including: CV, Copy Of Photo ID, Copy Of Household Registration, Copy Of Temporary Residence Verification, Temporary Absence Verification, Four 3×4 Photos, Qualifications, Health Certification, Character Reference, Birth Certificate.
  • Our HR Department will inform you about the location to catch the employee shuttle and about the trainings for new employees.
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