We cannot develop and market our product all over the world without a solid sales staff. This is a vital department in our organization where we recruit with strict requirements. A career in Sales with us means you are expected to be the leading salesman in revenue by securing the biggest number of deals with customers.

Career: Business Development Executive, Sales Executive, Customer Services and Customer Support…

Delivery, Transportation and Warehousing

Delivering/Receiving, Transporting and managing imported and exported items; Keeping track of inventories and ensuring that the shipping process is on time with the right quantities, quality and complies with the procedural requirements in delivery notes and related documents.

Career: Quality Inspector, Warehouse Keeper, Warehouse Operator, Processing Technician…


Sourcing the quality and standardized inputs with clear origins is the responsibilities of Purchasing Department. In this area, we try our best to provide precise information in time for Sales Department to best serve our customers.

Career: Commercial Purchaser, Local Purchaser, Logistics Services Operator…

Finance - Accounting

Thyssenkrupp usually looks for graduates majoring in accounting from local and international universities in this area as the responsibilities will be daily control of the company’s financing. Therefore, we are interested in active individuals who are not afraid of challenges.

Career: Credit Control Supervisor, Account Payable and Account Receivable Executives, Inventory Control Accountant…


In charge of designing, setting up and maintaining data system and ensure that it works smoothly.

Main responsibilities: Network and data management, technical support…

Human Resources

There are career opportunities at our company that you are interested in to develop your career. Our HR Department can help you with this. They are the protector of the corporate culture where we can share our passions for our jobs, where we can compete and believe in our goals.

Main responsibilities: HRM, recruitment, training, reward and punishment, benefits and salaries, community relations…

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